Anand Vardhan Bhatt: Naturopath, Acupuncturist, Ayurvedic Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Energy Healing, Remedial Therapist

Pursued his Doctor's degree in Naturopathy and Yoga. Over 14 years of diverse experience in Africa, Virgin Islands, United States and India
Therapies Offered:
Naturopathy Consultation: Incorporating detailed case discussion using tools like facial diagnosis, Iris reading, Chakra Scanning. Suggestions based on Nature’s tools like Hydrotherapy, Diet, Chakra Cleansing, Mud therapy, Tactile therapies, colour and magnetic healing, stress management and lifestyle modification.
Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Yoga, Pranayama and Energy Healing.

Registered Member: Australian Natural Therapists Association
Registered Member: AHPRA(Chinese Medicine Board, Australia)
Registered Member: Yoga Alliance (USA)
Health Fund Claimable

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Halimah Khan: Whole Health Practitioner, Homoeopath

Offers Saturday consultations and health rebates.


Kimi Sato: Counsellor, Holistic Counsellor

Kimi Sato completed the Diploma of Counselling at the Australian College of Applied Psychology and is our counsellor here at Life Essence.
She has great experience in working with all types of issues, including Women's & Men's Issues, Relationships and children & Teenagers.
Her very compassionate and caring nature makes it easy for clients to open up with her and therefore achive great results towards a happier and more positive life.
Kimi is very passionate in women's and children's overall health and empowerment.
She was a volunteer with Queensland Homicide Victim Support Group where she counselled and supported families during court processes. She also volunteered with St. Vincent de Paul with the Stronger Families program.

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Peter Heaven Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Peter Heaven has been working in the Natural Health Industry for almost 2 decades. As a fully accredited NLP Master Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Meditation Teacher Peter is able to offer his clients numerous possibilities for positive change.

Peter’s approach to health and wellbeing has always been holist, working with his clients to achieve desired, positive change. So if you want to Quit Smoking, Deal with Alcohol Abuse or other drug issues. Or perhaps rid yourself of a Phobia, a Limiting Belief or Obsessive Compulsive Routine, Lose Weight and Change Eating Habits, well then give Peter a call to have a chat about how Positive Change Therapy can work for you.


Shweta Bhatia Physio Exercise Scientist

Shweta comes from versatile backgrounds. She has been practising physiotherapy for over six years in united States and the virgin Islands. She posses her masters in sports injury management from United States of America and Bachelors in Physiotherapy from India. She is Registered member of ESSA and has extensive experience working as an Exercise Scientist and a Physio. Shweta has successfully gained experience in helping musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiac and orthopedic conditions. She also specializes in Geriatric rehabilitation, Gait training and Strength/Balance Training with various modalities and exercise prescription to enhance endurance, ROM exercises, Postural and ergonomic correction and training.

She also has her Diploma in Naturopathy and Yoga from International Federation of Natural Therapies. Shweta is affiliated with our international teams situated in Paris, USA, The BVI as a stress management personnel using the holistic approach to individuals and corporates and treating them on a Body, Mind and Spirit Levels.

Zabou Lotti

Zabou Lotti Yoga Teacher

Isabelle Lotti has had a passion for yoga for the last 2 decades. As a fully qualified yoga instructor with internationally recognize yoga teacher accreditation, Isabelle is able to offer her clients a relaxing yet powerful yoga experience.

Working with both beginners and experienced clients, Isabelle tailors each class to suit the individual combining Asanas (Postures), Pranayama (Breathing Exercises) and Dhyana (Meditation) which will give you a comprehensive Yoga experience.


Astarea Rae Life Coach, Counsellor, Personal Trainer

Astarea completed her Diploma in Holistic Life Coaching, switched careers and became a Life Coach and Mentor working throughout New Zealand, the United States and Australia. Astarea has 14 years’ experience in counseling, crisis/trauma and social work and blends these modalities with her Life Coaching to offer a very dynamic and holistic approach. She believes that Life Coaching is more than just a therapeutic process; it’s also an opportunity to teach her clients the principles of Life Coaching and the many strategies and techniques which can assist them in daily life. As a Coach, Astarea accompanies her clients on their journey of self-discovery, self-awareness, change and transformation.Astarea Rae Life Coaching.
Alongside Astarea's Life Coaching she is a qualified Personal Trainer and blends together her Life Coaching and Training to provide people with a holistic approach to Health and Wellness.


Kayla Harris

Kayla is a fully qualified Ka Huna Massage therapist. Having trained through Mettes Institute, a renowned training facility in Kin Kin Queensland, accredited by several associations throughout Australia.
Ka Huna bodywork is a very unique massage, often referred to as the 'Rolls Royce' of massage. It is an ancient form of Hawaiian healing.
This beautiful form of bodywork provides a holistic approach to healing by balancing the body-mind in its physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions.


Gail Godfrey ATMusA., B.HuServ., B.Th.

Gail Godfrey T.Mus.A, B.HuServ, B.Th, M.Ed, is an early childhood music lecturer, piano teacher and counsellor. Gail is a Past President of the Kodály Music Education Institute of Australia (KMEIA) and National Coordinator for do-re-mi early childhood music teachers and has taught at Griffith University Young Conservatorium, University of Queensland, and in childcare/ preschool centres. Her experience in teacher-training for staff in Childcare Centres has increased her passion in the holistic development of children with whom she continues to share music. Gail's multi-disciplinary approach in music, theology, education and in human services as a counsellor, combine to broaden and enrich her service to other people, particularly in her work with children and adolescents.


Julie Walcott: Nutritionist

Julie will provide an individual assessment and provide dietry recommendations suited to your personal needs. She can provide weight loss or weight gain programs tailored to you needs with ongoing testing and monitoring of your progress to keep you on track. Antioxidant testing is available to access your current levels, and to monitor your progress. Other tests include iridology, blood pressure, body fat and muscle ratios on our bio impendance scale.
Food intolerance testing is also available.

Lanai (high res)

Lanai Carter: Hypnotherapist

Lanai Carter is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner and business development specialist who helps individuals to enhance their lives in areas such as: Health and Fitness, Emotional Wellbeing, Relationships, Business or Career, Work Life Balance and more. Lanai has helped people with the following issues:
• Stop Smoking
• Weight Loss
• Hypno – Band® (Gastric Band Hypnotherapy)
• Phobias
• Stress and Anxiety
• Motivation to exercise
• Addictions


Micah Mellalieu is a renowned speaker, inspiring workshop participants to take ownership for living a vital life and to understand the mechanisms of what causes disease. Being a nurse practitioner, Clairvoyant and also a certified holistic medicine therapist, she is able to help treat the problem synergistically. For people who are wanting to not only treat the symptoms but are seeking cures to underlying medical conditions, Micah's services, therapeutic modalities, understanding of holistic/energetic medicine and aesthetic cosmetology have assisted many to achieve a better quality of life, and improved health and wellness.
*Colon Therapy
*Cosmetic Art
*Medical Hypnosis
*Medical Intuitive
*Quantum Healing
*Weight Loss