Join us at our Life Essence Yoga Studio 27 City Road, BEENLEIGH

Yoga & Movement & Meditation Classes  (Beginners to Advanced)

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Our Yoga Teachers, have been practising yoga as participants and instructors for many years. They truly enjoy working with people, helping them achieve positive outcomes safely and easily. Participating in Yoga offers the individual a powerful, meaningful and effective form of exercise that also helps nurture concentration and mental discipline.

Would you like to improve your immune system? Perhaps reduce some weight, increase your level of fitness, improve your mental and physical wellbeing? Then yoga can be an excellent practice to bring about positive change in your Life.

We offer a number of classes in a safe and comfortable environment in our brand new yoga centre. Our classes are individually tailored to the students’ current level of ability, from beginners through intermediate as well as Kids classes.

Yoga is thought to be the oldest known science of physical and mental self-development, caring for the body under the intelligent control of the mind.
 Achieve lasting fitness
 Achieve your ideal weight
 Achieve superior health
 Achieve mental and physical wellbeing
 Let Yoga transform you now

Excellent for: Physical & Emotional Health – Stress Release
Improve Flexability + Mobility – Relaxation – Being Present and much more…

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‘Yoga for me is a lifelong practice and being a natural teacher, I feel drawn to share it’s wisdom with others. Yoga has helped to understand myself on many levels. 
When I teach I encourage my students to see the class as a personal journey with me as their guide. A focus on feeling good and connecting with themselves rather than an over-focus on perfect physical poses. 
My mission whenever I teach is for my students to feel relaxed and connected when they leave my classes’    Candice x