Providing Natural and Holistic Health Care to Individuals, Families and Workplaces for the last 15years, clients describe Life Essence as a Sacred Place where they come to improve their Health and Wellbeing on all levels, Body, Mind and Soul and where they feel at peace as soon as they step through the front entrance door.


Sonja is also the founder of Life Essence Natural Therapies & Counselling Centre and is always working with her vision of offering our community a Natural Health Sanctuary to Heal, Balance and Improve their Health & Wellbeing for Body Mind & Soul.  

Sonja and her husband are happy and proud parents of 6 children and for this reason Sonja knows first hand the juggles of modern day life and the importance of Work-Life-Balance and is very down to Earth in her approach as a counsellor with all of her clients. 

Sonja has extensive experience in helping clients empower themselves and to for them to create change in all areas of mental and emotional issues, including Depression, Anxiety, Self-Esteem Building, Anger Management, Trauma Recovery, Relationship Issues and so much more… She also has great experience in working with clients from all cultural and religious backgrounds, which is repeatedly positively remarked upon by all her clients.

Halimah Khan
Whole Health Practitioner, Homeopath

Halimah grew up practicing tradition Folk/holistic Medicine and Finished her 4 year training in Homeopathy in 1998.  She went onto study Herbal Medicine, and was a 2001 Graduate in Health Studies and in 2004 she was a graduated in Nursing.

Halimah has over 22 years in Holistic Health Care and continues to update her studies and training with Leader in European Herbal and Folk Medicine and Internationally acclaimed Homeopath Masters.

Micah Mellalieu
Cosmetic Art - Medical Intuitive

Micah Mellalieu is a renowned speaker, inspiring workshop participants to take ownership for living a vital life and to understand the mechanisms of what causes disease. Being a nurse, Clairvoyant and also a certified holistic medicine therapist, she is able to help treat the problem synergistically. For people who are wanting to not only treat the symptoms but are seeking cures to underlying medical conditions, Micah’s services, therapeutic modalities, understanding of holistic/energetic medicine and aesthetic cosmetology have assisted many to achieve a better quality of life, and improved health and wellness.

*Colon Therapy
*Cosmetic Art / Tatooing
*Medical Hypnosis
*Medical Intuitive
*Quantum Healing
*Weight Loss


Alyson brings over 15 years’ experience in Natural Therapies to the Life Essence team. As a specialist in Relaxation, Hot Stone, deep tissue Massage and Clinical Reflexology, Alyson believes in the essence of the language of the body and how it is relating to life.

She helps clients understand their true self by incorporating these therapies with consultation regarding the language the body is speaking when it is in dis-ease.

Specializing in the connection between chronic conditions and the role they play in the human psyche and its current existence, Alyson can truly get to the heart of issue.

Alyson loves to work with individuals as well as small groups and has developed a number of Workshops around “Good Health At Home”. These workshops educate those who wish to look after loved ones with Natural Therapy skills that can be applied in the home.

Alyson is available during the week as well as Saturdays.


I’d like you all to meet Deb Wood, our extraordinary Naturopath here at Life Essence!
Deb has had a 23 year, comprehensive career as a Naturopath. Her passion is to help people achieve the most optimal health and revitalisation that they deserve in as short a time as possible.

For those who are unfamiliar with what Naturopathy is, it is the art of combining the knowledge of ancient wisdom of traditional medicines with modern evidence-based technology. Naturopathy is used and accepted world wide as an alternative or to complement allopathic medicine. The aim to find the root cause of your problem without the harmful side effects of many drugs.
As no two people are the same, Deb tailors all advice she gives to the person’s individual requirements in a simple, easy to follow, format.
Deb takes a very holistic approach by addressing your health history as well as your diet and lifestyle. Within her treatment programs she will delve into any nutritional deficiencies and whether you are experiencing toxic overload. She may also use her Quantum Allergy Test, to discover the root cause of what ails you.

Peter Heaven
Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Peter Heaven has been working in the Natural Health Industry for almost 2 decades. As a fully accredited NLP Master Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Meditation Teacher Peter is able to offer his clients numerous possibilities for positive change.

Peter’s approach to health and wellbeing has always been holist, working with his clients to achieve desired, positive change. So if you want to Quit Smoking, Deal with Alcohol Abuse or other drug issues. Or perhaps rid yourself of a Phobia, a Limiting Belief or Obsessive Compulsive Routine, Lose Weight and Change Eating Habits, well then give Peter a call to have a chat about how Positive Change Therapy can work for you.