At Life Essence we are dedicated to providing our clients with the ultimate deep relaxation, stress and pain relief methods available using Floatation Therapy.

Our float room is equipped with the latest float tank, including a private shower and for your convenience we supply towels, soap and shampoo.

Many people compare the experience of being in a floatation tank to how they would imagine it to be in outer space, a feeling of zero gravity, being completely separated from the outside world. It must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Your mind will be free to drift into the deepest state of relaxation possible and your body will have the chance to restore its natural powers of self regulation and healing. You will leave your float session with a sense of clarity, focus and both physical and mental renewal.

One hour of floatation therapy rejuvenates the body to the equivalent of four hours solid sleep.

So if your feeling tired, stressed, overworked, sleep deprived, experiencing muscle / joint discomfort, need some time to unwind and relax or want to give that perfect gift, allow us to help you and experience for yourself how floatation therapy can give you instant relief beyond belief.

● Improves your health and sense of well being
● Cleanses the body of toxins
● Reduce stress and stress-related pain and illness
● Overcome physical exhaustion
● Relief from muscle and joint pain
● Increases endorphin levels that can last up to a week
● Speed recovery from jetlag
● Increase mental, physical and emotional resiliency
● Enhance athletic performance and shorten recovery time
● Strengthen the immune system
● Creates and ideal environment for meditation
● Deepen meditation, heighten self-awareness and visualisation to achieve your goals
● Increase creativity and problem-solving ability
● Creates hemispheric and whole-brain integration
● Floating in a zero gravity environment is ideal for managing back pain and floating through pregnancy


60min Floatation Session – $70