Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatment

Restore you Gut Health Today

Do you suffer from Slow Metabolism, Gas, Bloating or Constipation? Colon therapy helps you with weight loss, speeds up your metabolism, decreases gas and bloating, helps with acne problems, helps to reduce constipation.

Seven Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy

    1. Helps with Weight Loss
    2. Speeds up Metabolism
    3. Decreases Gas and Bloating
    4. Helps with Acne Problems
    5. Helps to reduce Constipation
    6. Helps improve your Immune System
    7. Reduces Symptoms associated with IBS

Initial Consultation                             $ 120.00

Follow up Session                                $ 95.00


3 Sessions    $250.00

(Includes a FREE 30min Infra Red Sauna ) 


6 Sessions           $ 490.00

(Includes 6 x FREE 30min Infra Red Sauna & 1 x 60min Floatation Session) 

A minimum of 3 Sessions is recommended to gain full benefits