Kinesiology 60min – $140

Kinesiology works to release stress that is stored in the body (sometimes called cellular memory), around whatever structural problems, injuries, illness or emotional symptoms that you are experiencing. This can range from recurring joint pain to learning difficulties, adapting/coping with changes, grief, achieving a goal, self-empowerment etc. Basically anything that is restricting you from living life as you want to.

Using the body’s muscle response as an indicator the therapist looks to identify which areas of the body are affected and what type of balancing techniques will best facilitate relief from any anxiety or other stress responses your body has to these issues. This allows the space and opportunity for the body to tap into its natural ability to restore balance and find optimal health.

Treatments can range from being a very ‘hands on’ muscle balance aimed at addressing structural problems, to more gentle relaxation and emotional stress relief sessions involving holding pressure points or using meridian massage and chakras to balance the body energetically.

If you would like to find out how these stress relief techniques can transform your health, give Life Essence a call and make an appointment today.