Relaxation Massage – 60min $85 | 90min $120

Relaxation Massage is our most popular style. It is, as the name suggests, all about relaxing.

Relaxation massage looks after the day-to-day muscle group. The muscles used to keep us upright, and mostly the muscles used to keep the body in a particular pose (ie: in a still position at the computer or on the phone). These muscles are the body’s shallow muscles and require constant care. Relaxation is Therapeutic and Therapy is relaxing. It’s all about “switching off”.

In today’s world of Busy, busy, busy – Relaxation is commodity. For this reason, Relaxation Massage is the Massage to have on a regular basis to “switch off” and reset. Just like getting a haircut or nails done, switching off with a Relaxation Massage is now part of being well and looking after oneself.

At Life Essence we champion freedom of movement and being well and looking after oneself.

Hot Stone Massage – 60min $135 | 90min $190

Hot Stone is the most luxurious of massages.

It’s the heated part that a hot stone massage brings as the temperature works with your body from the outside in. The raised temperature of the stones get the blood flowing to the muscles because it’s how oxygen is transported throughout our systems. More oxygen = faster recovery.

Heat dilates the capillaries, bringing fresh blood to the area, which means built-up elements like lactic acid are flushed away, while healing nutrients, oxygen and new tissue building blocks are brought in.  Heat is also shown to be comforting from a neurophysiological standpoint and allows for all of our stressors to decrease.

  • Lymphatic Massage – 60min $100
  • Remedial Massage – 60min $100
  • Pregnancy Massage – 60min $100 | 45min $85
  • Deep Tissue Massage