Our Holistic Counsellor & Psychotherapist Sonja Meier has 20 years experience as a Holistic Counsellor, Psychotherapist & Life Coach. Sonja works with clients of all ages and from all walks of Life, including Individual Counselling, Couples Counselling, Family Therapy, Group Therapy as well as Corporate Presentations re Health & Wellbeing. Sonja combines her Counselling Therapy with Natural Therapies wherever possible in her work, if the client is interested and open to this  and she has a holistic approach with all her clients. This means each client has the opportunity to reconnect to their True Inner Self, work through unresolved Issues and then move forward on their life’s journey less burdened by their past and with more meaning and connection to themselves and their life and others around them. Sonja has great success with her clients and is well respected and highly regarded in the community by her client’s and peers for her ongoing professional commitment and dedication to her therapeutic work. Sonja’s sessions include Counselling Techniques, Energy psychology and neuroscience as a means of improving mood, health, cognitive functioning, unconscious blocks/barriers, behaviour and relationships.

Sonja is also the founder of Life Essence Natural Therapies & Counselling Centre and is always working with her vision of offering our community a Natural Health Sanctuary to Heal, Balance and Improve their Health & Wellbeing for Body Mind & Soul. 
Sonja and her husband are happy and proud parents of 6 children and for this reason Sonja knows first hand the juggles of modern day life and the importance of Work-Life-Balance and is very down to Earth in her approach as a counsellor with all of her clients.
Sonja has extensive experience in helping clients empower themselves and to for them to create change in all areas of mental and emotional issues, including Depression, Anxiety, Self-Esteem Building, Anger Management, Trauma Recovery, Relationship Issues and so much more… She also has great experience in working with clients from all cultural and religious backgrounds, which is repeatedly positively remarked upon by all her clients. 
To find out whether Sonja’s Holistic Counselling Therapy is suitable to you, book a complimentary & obligation free 15min Intro Consult with Sonja.